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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fall's Hottest Shows

September marks the season of fall shows. There are so many new shows this season and I can't wait to watch them. I posted a few shows that I'll be watching this fall. You have been warned this is a long post (mainly bc of the pictures). Check your local listings for times. Drop a comment below and tell me what shows you're pysched for!

Melrose Place (premieres on the CW on Sept. 8)

Glee (premieres on Fox Sept. 9)

The Vampire Diaries (debuts on the CW on Sept. 10)

Gossip Girl (premieres on the CW on Sept. 14)

The Beautiful Life: TBL (debuts on the CW on Sept. 16)

House (season 6 premieres on Fox on Sept. 21) *it's raining pills not confetti*

Flash Forward (debuts on ABC on Sept. 24)

The Inbetweeners (a well-known hit in the U.K. now debuts in the U.S. on BBC America
this fall)

The Prisoner (a remake of the 1960's original series debuts on AMC this November)


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