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Friday, September 11, 2009


Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 Men's Wear

I'm not really a fan of men's wear. I looked at a few collection and didn't find anything I liked. I finally came across something I thought was cool. Louis Vuitton never fails :).
Oh yeah and this collection is bike messenger themed. Cool right?!

^^ One of my Faves. I love the colors.

^^ My other fave. Yellow is my fave color too.

Hopefully men in skirts does not become a big trend.
It only works in certain situations,
like Juicy Couture's Do the Don't campaign.

I love this collection so much though. It's so cool, athletic, and urban. The models aren't half bad either ;). Did anyone notice some of these guy's bulging calf and thigh muscles? I also like the blazers with shorts, very cool.
I have to say though, I'm not really a fan of guys in sandals. Actually, I pretty much hate guys in sandals :(.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


auf wiedersehen summer

I'm debating on whether to wear my bag. I'm wearing boardshorts to mourn the loss of summer on the first day with my backpack though. I like to keep things light so not much stuff to carry. I haven't decided on the pics for my binder. I'll decide this weekend and maybe post them.

Sean here:
I guess this is our way of showing summer's out, by showing the objects necessary to kick the school year off right: school supplies.
Just a small disclaimer: I am not a photographer, i just pretended to be one. I got pretty out of hand taking these pics, i.e. the lame staging. Oh, and did I mention my pics are terrible? any who, here they are :]

Monday, September 7, 2009


TeenVogue Haute Spot grand opening @ South Coast

On Saturday, I went to the Haute Spot's grand opening and it was crazy (in a good way)! There were fashion shows, performances, giveaways, etc. There was also a goodie bag with purchase. The volunteers there said it was worth $300, which I don't believe, $150 I might believe. Me and my friends got interviewed but we were so nervous we blurt out dumb stuff (so don't expect to see that video). Also, please forgive me for bad quality photos, there was no lighting although they had them and plus the models kept moving every 5 seconds.

P.S. I was too busy to blog about a secret and free PacTour show @ Fashion Island in Newport Beach. I wasn't able to go; it sucks. Saosin, Eye Alaska, InnerPartySystem, and P.O.S. were performing.


Style Challenge: Dita Von Teese vs. Katy Perry

Which of these two vintage loving ladies wears it best, Dita Von Teese or Perry?

Dita Von Teese

Katy Perry

I like Dita's vintage style more than Katy's. Dita Von Teese's style just seems more refined and she seems more dedicated to this vintage style of dress. I don't really like how quirky Katy Perry's outfits tend to be. She sometimes puts too much of her own spin on the vintage syle. Yes Katy's outfits are often fun and cooky, but maybe sometimes they are a little too fun. (I chose not to display the outfits that were too fun, it might create a bias.)

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Zac Posen!!

These are some of my favs from his fall 2009 ready-to-wear collection.

I love this "collection of forties-inflected Victoriana" because it's so classy and chic.

My overall fav ^^^

Zac Posen himself with model, Paz de la Huerta