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Friday, September 4, 2009


TeenVogue Haute Spot

TeenVogue's Haute Spot opens tomorrow (Sept. 5 - 27) at SouthCoast Plaza.
Head over to for more info on events!

3333 Bristol Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
SEPTEMBER 5th - 27th, 2009
Mon-Sat 12:00-7:00pm / Sun 12:00-6:00pm
The TEEN VOGUE Haute Spot is back and now on the West Coast. Start your new school year off with a visit to this innovative retail destination at the South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA. Open 7 days a week, the experience includes:

•Fashion Presentations
•TEEN VOGUE Editor Appearances
•Model Castings
•TEEN VOGUE-Styled Fashion Closets
•Style Consultations
•Beauty Makeovers
•HP Internet Lounge
•Gift-with-Purchase Offers

P.S. There will be an exclusive screening of The September Issue documentary on Sunday, Sept. 6 at 3 PM. Come early as space is limited! Hopefully, I will be there!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Style Challenge:Marilyn Monroe vs. Audrey Hepburn

Which of these classic icons have the best style?
Marilyn Monroe

Audrey Hepburn

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Bring It On...Again....and Again...and Again

Is it just me or is this whole Bring it On thing getting out of hand?
I'm tired of them, to tell the truth.
I didn't think the first one was that; so, why make a one-hundredth one?
They all seem seemingly unrelated, which is pretty dumb to me.
If you're gonna make a sequel, why not connect them in some way.
Weren't all the sequels flops anyways?
They all went straight to video, and they all had small screen actors.

Just did some research; and there are exactly five Bring it On movies. The last movie is entitled: Bring It On: Fight to the Finish, hopefully the title means its the last one.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Fall's Hottest Shows

September marks the season of fall shows. There are so many new shows this season and I can't wait to watch them. I posted a few shows that I'll be watching this fall. You have been warned this is a long post (mainly bc of the pictures). Check your local listings for times. Drop a comment below and tell me what shows you're pysched for!

Melrose Place (premieres on the CW on Sept. 8)

Glee (premieres on Fox Sept. 9)

The Vampire Diaries (debuts on the CW on Sept. 10)

Gossip Girl (premieres on the CW on Sept. 14)

The Beautiful Life: TBL (debuts on the CW on Sept. 16)

House (season 6 premieres on Fox on Sept. 21) *it's raining pills not confetti*

Flash Forward (debuts on ABC on Sept. 24)

The Inbetweeners (a well-known hit in the U.K. now debuts in the U.S. on BBC America
this fall)

The Prisoner (a remake of the 1960's original series debuts on AMC this November)

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Battle of the Hughs winner: Hugh Laurie

Mr. Hotshot, Mr. Knockout, Mr. Hotrod himself, Hugh Laurie (one of my all time favorite actors) has just won our site poll by a landside! He beat out other Hughs such as Hugh Dancy, Hugh Hefner, and Hugh Jackman to win the numero uno spot for our most favorable Hugh. To celebrate his victory, let's enjoy the pictures I randomly found on the internet in 5 minutes when the poll just ended.
P.S. stay tuned for the next poll we come up with!