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Saturday, August 29, 2009


Friendly Fires - "Kiss of Life"

its gonna be a hot and busy week next week. gearing up for school by going to AP class meetings and rushing to finish last minute summer assignments. on wednesday, im supposed to be hitting up the beach with some of my besties (it's gonna be HOTT like triple digits). anyways, here's a music video from Friendly Fires (one of my fave bands) and their newest single "Kiss of Life". dude, this boy can dance and he's not afraid to show it! honestly, if i was at a school dance i would go in the center of the dance floor, and shake it like he does lol. geez, i think he's handsome too...

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Royal Pains season finale TONIGHT!

Royal Pains (the doctor show that substituted for House for me) is ending their first season tonight. I couldn't find the promo for the season finale, but instead I stumbled upon the Royal Pains Wrap Rap video. For the wrap up of the first season, the cast and crew members made a music video (btw you can tell they shot it at Divya's wedding or engagement party). My fave characters I'll be missing will be Evan, Tucker, Libby,and Newparts Newburg. BALL, FLAG, TREE!


stylelist.com :snap judgement

FiRsT oF aLl, I wOuLd LiKe To SaY: I HaTe It wHeN PeOpLe TyPe lIkE ThIs. It's not cute or creative, at all. It's just annoying. 'Kay?

I was doing this little poll thing on stylelist.com and i came across Victoria Beckham wearing this outfit. Can someone tell me why 70% of the people said this outfit was not hot?

74% of the people did not like this out either. I actualy like it. I think it's pretty darn chic. H B U ?

Lady Ga Ga is so outrageous; and this outfit definitely fits her personality. It's pretty shocking that 8% of the people actually liked her in this outfit.

61% of the people thought this out was "too much too soon". What are you talking about? Emma Watson is 19, she's an adult, she can wear whatever she wants to. I think the dress is nice; and she looks nice in it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This Providence to play at your school? What?!

This Providence was on Alexa Chung yesterday and did phenomenally. They are also going to perform at highschools during their fall tour. So email intern5@awaremusic.com about your school info and a reason why This Providence should come to your school. I know I will! You can also check their myspace for more info.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Cartoons Gone Missing

Whatever happened to the show they used to show in the good old days, like Rugrats.
I miss that darn show. Those babies were always getting in to stuff.
Fighting monsters to save Reptar, getting the watermelon seed out of Chuckie's stomach, Stew always making dumb inventions.
my lttle sisters used to be crazy about the Rugrats movies; too bad they didn't really get tio see the actual show.
i used to always wonder when they were going to grow up, then they made Rugrats All Grown-Up.
I liked that show too.

all the good shows are gone: Rocko's modern life, Doug, and Rocket Power.

Sunday, August 23, 2009



nicole on the cover of vivi,an asian(i believe its japanese) magazine.


A Pea in the Pod

just got back from my little vacay. it didn't turn out well due to the fact that i got food poisoning the first night there. also i was too sick to shop. well anyways, here are some sneak peaks of Nicole Richie's (i just adore her and her bohemian rocker style!) exclusive maternity line for A Pea in the Pod.