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Friday, August 7, 2009


And the Oscar Goes To...

Even though Celebutantes came out like a year ago, I just read it like 2 months ago. I really enjoyed this book a lot, even though there was a lot of name dropping and it got confusing. From Publisher's Weekly:

"After a disastrous turn acting and bedding her superhunk co-star, Lola Santisi, 26 and the daughter of famed director Paul Santisi, swears off actors and acting for good. But Lola agrees to be the Hollywood ambassador for Best Gay Forever designer Julian Tennant, to help get a major actress to wear one of his dresses at the Oscars. Lola woos an array of glitterari, each more self-absorbed than the next in the runup to Graydon Carter's famed Vanity Fair bash, and competes against the ruthless Prada ambassador Adrienne Hunt for the plum actor bods. There's up-to-the-minute star chatter and fashion name-checking throughout; wonderfully dead-on moments as Lola negotiates underlings to get on set; and a possibly fatal relapse of actor fever. The shallowness is more severe than Angelina's neckline, but that's the point, and it quickly becomes imperative to discover just who is going to wear Julian Tennant to the Oscars." (Feb.) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

BTW: The authors of Celebutantes, Amanda Goldberg and Ruthanna Khaligi Hopper, are also daughters of Hollywood directors and actors, so they are considered as Hollywood royalty.

The videos below will give you an inside look/background on the characters/Lola's BFFS.


The Casting Call (finale): Episode 6

Last episode before the real webseries start! Yay!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Click on the picture to view it in a bigger size. I might go though, if I have nothing better to do.


Paper Heart

Ohmygosh I've been waiting for this film to come out for like months. It seems like a cute quirky comedy. Charlyne Yi (Knocked Up) makes a documentary on trying to find the real meaning behind love. Michael Cera also stars as himself in this film and so happens to be Charlyne's real life boyfriend!Also love the way Michael looks at Charlyne. (sigh) Geez, lucky lucky Charlyne. This film comes out this FRIDAY and I want to see this bad.


Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn

I just finished reading this book by Sarah Miller. Lemme tell ya it's all about being laid, but it's a good book nonetheless. Here's a synopsis/summary:

"What if you could get inside the head of the boy you love? Hear his every thought...? Know his every dream...? Listen in on his every fantasy...? The narrator of Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn can, and she tells us the story of her beloved Gid, an adorably clueless boy who flukes his way into one of the fanciest New England prep schools. Gideon's more than a little out of his league at Midvale, especially compared to Cullen and Nicholas, his charming but morally ambiguous rommates. They terrorize Gideon as they initiate him with a bet over Gid's borderline virginity, and the feisty, sexy Molly McGarry. Gideon is torn--he wants to prove himself, bu he also wants Pilar Benitez-Jones, the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. Hooking up with Molly might be possible, but winning Pilar would be legendary. On the other hand, Gideon actually likes Molly. It's all incredibly confusing and intoxicating. And one hysterically funny girl is savoring Gideon's every thought. But who is she?" (synopsis from Barnes and Nobles)


The Casting Call: Episode 5

New episode up at . It's down to two. Nicole vs. Sanna. Who will win the coveted role of Kiran? Stay tuned and find out. (ehh sounds a bit dramatic and corny)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Directions from Los Angeles, CA to Japan courtesy of Google Maps

Start in Los Angeles, CA‎

1.Head northeast on N Main St toward E 1st St

go 0.2 mi
total 0.2 mi

2.Turn left at W Temple St
About 2 mins

go 0.4 mi
total 0.6 mi

3.Turn right at N Grand Ave

go 0.2 mi
total 0.7 mi

4.Turn left to merge onto Hollywood Fwy/US-101 N
About 12 mins

go 10.0 mi
total 10.7 mi

5.Continue on CA-170 N/Hollywood Fwy (signs for CA-170/Hollywood Fwy/Sacramento)
About 7 mins

go 6.8 mi
total 17.5 mi

6.Slight left at I-5 N
About 4 hours 17 mins

go 293 mi
total 310 mi

7.Take the exit onto I-5 N toward Sacramento/Stockton
Passing through Oregon
Entering Washington
About 12 hours 40 mins

go 824 mi
total 1,134 mi

8.Take the exit onto I-5 N
About 4 mins

go 3.6 mi
total 1,137 mi

9.Take exit 168B to merge onto WA-520 E toward Kirkland/Bellevue
About 1 min

go 0.8 mi
total 1,138 mi

10.Take the Montlake Blvd exit

go 0.2 mi
total 1,138 mi

11.Turn left at E Montlake Pl E/WA-513
About 1 min

go 0.4 mi
total 1,139 mi

12.Turn left at NE Pacific St
About 2 mins

go 0.7 mi
total 1,139 mi

13.Continue on NE Northlake Way

go 0.2 mi
total 1,140 mi

14.Turn left to stay on NE Northlake Way
About 2 mins

go 1.0 mi
total 1,141 mi

15.Kayak across the Pacific Ocean
Entering Hawaii
About 14 days 5 hours

go 2,756 mi
total 3,897 mi

16.Slight right at Turtle Bay Hilton

go 0.1 mi
total 3,897 mi

17.Turn left at Kuilima Dr
About 2 mins

go 0.5 mi
total 3,898 mi

18.Turn right at HI-83/Kamehameha Hwy
About 19 mins

go 10.5 mi
total 3,908 mi

19.Continue on Joseph P Leong Hwy
About 3 mins

go 1.9 mi
total 3,910 mi

20.slight right at HI-99/Kamehameha Hwy
Continue to follow Kamehameha Hwy
About 14 mins

go 8.6 mi
total 3,919 mi

21.Merge onto I-H2 S via the ramp to Honolulu
About 9 mins

go 8.2 mi
total 3,927 mi

22.Merge onto I-H1 E
About 5 mins

go 4.5 mi
total 3,931 mi

23.Take exit 13B to merge onto HI-78 E/I-H201 E
About 6 mins

go 4.7 mi
total 3,936 mi

24.Merge onto I-H1 E
About 5 mins

go 3.8 mi
total 3,940 mi

25.Take exit 23 for Punahou St

go 0.2 mi
total 3,940 mi

26.Turn right at Punahou St

go 0.1 mi
total 3,940 mi

27.Turn right at S Beretania St

go 0.1 mi
total 3,940 mi

28.Turn left at Kalakaua Ave
About 7 mins

go 1.9 mi
total 3,942 mi

29.Kayak across the Pacific Ocean
Entering Japan
About 20 days 0 hours

It's about a 35 day trip in all.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009



I was browsing different blogs; you know commenting and such, just trying to support my fellow bloggers and I came across this video. Enjoy :) and I hope something like this never happens to you.


Agyness Deyn

I think she's one of the coolest ex-models out there. I love her name too, but of course it's not her real name. Her real name is Laura Hollins which isn't a bad name but not nearly as unique.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Miley Cyrus and Max Azria for Walmart

I usually go to Target, but today I went to Walmart on an errand run, and saw Miley and Max's new collection. The collection is affordable (from 6-$20) and some of the pieces are cute. I only bought the British flag one, because I've been on the prowl for some for a while now. Plus, they were only $7. I can't find anymore photos of Miley modeling in her clothes except like one. Here's a link to Walmart where you can view the clothes:

Here's a behind-the-scenes of her Miley and Max commercial:

Sunday, August 2, 2009



Amber Rose, Kaye West's girlfriend, is making a name for herself just by her sense of style. She is becoming a style icon just like her super famous beau. She has even been recognized by such high profile outlets like Elle magazine. I'm not sure where she came from, although I knoe she is an ex-stripper, she just popped up out of the blue but I think she does have icon potential.


:D Vid

Here's another vid I just came across.




The Casting Call: Episode 4

Go to to check it out! One of the three finalists will be going home.
We are thisclose to seeing who will win the part of Kiran Hayes in the Private webseries.


Hugh Dancy Posesses GLAMOUR

Since I've been discussing Hugh's new movie, I decided to post his photo spread in Glamour magazine on here. He's quite nice to look at, although he doesn't want to be a model (it's a shame really). Photos are from

My favorite of the bunch.


Adam Has Aspergers

I'm in love with a beautiful specimen called Hugh Dancy. He's a wonderful actor and is extremely charming (especially with his British accent). He has a new indie movie called Adam. "Written and directed by television director Max Mayer, Adam tells the story of a lonely 20-something-year-old man living with aspergers syndrome in New York City. When an aspiring writer / working teacher moves into his apartment building, the two enter into a friendship that hopes and tries to be more. But with Adam’s mental disability, can it? Extremely touching and sweet, the film hits all the right notes without crossing the lines of cheesiness. Rose Byrne has Rachel Weisz-like qualities, and Hugh Dancy delivers a wonderful performance as Adam (possibly because, he never went full retard)." (

Here are some stills from the movie: