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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Directions from Los Angeles, CA to Japan courtesy of Google Maps

Start in Los Angeles, CA‎

1.Head northeast on N Main St toward E 1st St

go 0.2 mi
total 0.2 mi

2.Turn left at W Temple St
About 2 mins

go 0.4 mi
total 0.6 mi

3.Turn right at N Grand Ave

go 0.2 mi
total 0.7 mi

4.Turn left to merge onto Hollywood Fwy/US-101 N
About 12 mins

go 10.0 mi
total 10.7 mi

5.Continue on CA-170 N/Hollywood Fwy (signs for CA-170/Hollywood Fwy/Sacramento)
About 7 mins

go 6.8 mi
total 17.5 mi

6.Slight left at I-5 N
About 4 hours 17 mins

go 293 mi
total 310 mi

7.Take the exit onto I-5 N toward Sacramento/Stockton
Passing through Oregon
Entering Washington
About 12 hours 40 mins

go 824 mi
total 1,134 mi

8.Take the exit onto I-5 N
About 4 mins

go 3.6 mi
total 1,137 mi

9.Take exit 168B to merge onto WA-520 E toward Kirkland/Bellevue
About 1 min

go 0.8 mi
total 1,138 mi

10.Take the Montlake Blvd exit

go 0.2 mi
total 1,138 mi

11.Turn left at E Montlake Pl E/WA-513
About 1 min

go 0.4 mi
total 1,139 mi

12.Turn left at NE Pacific St
About 2 mins

go 0.7 mi
total 1,139 mi

13.Continue on NE Northlake Way

go 0.2 mi
total 1,140 mi

14.Turn left to stay on NE Northlake Way
About 2 mins

go 1.0 mi
total 1,141 mi

15.Kayak across the Pacific Ocean
Entering Hawaii
About 14 days 5 hours

go 2,756 mi
total 3,897 mi

16.Slight right at Turtle Bay Hilton

go 0.1 mi
total 3,897 mi

17.Turn left at Kuilima Dr
About 2 mins

go 0.5 mi
total 3,898 mi

18.Turn right at HI-83/Kamehameha Hwy
About 19 mins

go 10.5 mi
total 3,908 mi

19.Continue on Joseph P Leong Hwy
About 3 mins

go 1.9 mi
total 3,910 mi

20.slight right at HI-99/Kamehameha Hwy
Continue to follow Kamehameha Hwy
About 14 mins

go 8.6 mi
total 3,919 mi

21.Merge onto I-H2 S via the ramp to Honolulu
About 9 mins

go 8.2 mi
total 3,927 mi

22.Merge onto I-H1 E
About 5 mins

go 4.5 mi
total 3,931 mi

23.Take exit 13B to merge onto HI-78 E/I-H201 E
About 6 mins

go 4.7 mi
total 3,936 mi

24.Merge onto I-H1 E
About 5 mins

go 3.8 mi
total 3,940 mi

25.Take exit 23 for Punahou St

go 0.2 mi
total 3,940 mi

26.Turn right at Punahou St

go 0.1 mi
total 3,940 mi

27.Turn right at S Beretania St

go 0.1 mi
total 3,940 mi

28.Turn left at Kalakaua Ave
About 7 mins

go 1.9 mi
total 3,942 mi

29.Kayak across the Pacific Ocean
Entering Japan
About 20 days 0 hours

It's about a 35 day trip in all.


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