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Monday, September 7, 2009

TeenVogue Haute Spot grand opening @ South Coast

On Saturday, I went to the Haute Spot's grand opening and it was crazy (in a good way)! There were fashion shows, performances, giveaways, etc. There was also a goodie bag with purchase. The volunteers there said it was worth $300, which I don't believe, $150 I might believe. Me and my friends got interviewed but we were so nervous we blurt out dumb stuff (so don't expect to see that video). Also, please forgive me for bad quality photos, there was no lighting although they had them and plus the models kept moving every 5 seconds.

P.S. I was too busy to blog about a secret and free PacTour show @ Fashion Island in Newport Beach. I wasn't able to go; it sucks. Saosin, Eye Alaska, InnerPartySystem, and P.O.S. were performing.


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