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Sunday, September 6, 2009

I'm pretty lame for this

Yes the L.A. County Fair is going on as we speak; but, why go to that fair when you can go to one wayyyy better?

Why not go to the Renaissance Faire at the Romona Bowl in Hemet, CA (wherever that may be)?
Yeah, I know it sounds kind of corny. It's different though. It would definitely be an interesting story to tell your kids.
I've heard talk of these fairs, but I've never actually known one to exist.


Welcome to the village of Port Talbot! Step back in time to the age of rogues, wenches, ale and turkey legs as The Ramona Bowl Amphitheatre becomes jolly old England for an entire month in celebration of the harvest. Join us for an entire month of weekends, beginning on Labor Day weekend, and running the entire month of September! Play, dine, and shop in Southern California's newest permanent site renaissance village. Engage in fun and frolic and shop from the finest artisans in all the land. Entertain yourself with four nonstop stages of singing, dancing and plays! Be amazed and thrilled by live combat and jousting demonstrations! Feast with us and celebrate the changing of the season in style with a run of faire pass.

Faire opens on the weekend of September 5th and runs every weekend through the 27th. There will be two opportunities to experience the renaissance at night, the second and fourth weekends. Faire hours are Saturdays 10am to 7pm, Sundays 10am to 6pm. On late night weekends, faire closes at 9pm on Saturday, and opens at 11am on Sunday.

Adults: $16.00 Buy four for the price of three, with our new "Cart-Load" purchase option!
Seniors (62+) / Student / Military: $12.00
Children: $12.00
Parking - $5.00

You'll probably be able to find some cool trinkets and souvenirs and participate in cool old world activities. Tere'll be belly dancing, jousts, and comedy. What more could you possibly want from a fair?
The coolest part of it all is that there was a
Renaissance Faire in that freecreditreport.com commercials with the singing. I love those commercials :).


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