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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Private: The Webseries

(Paradise Lost is the most recent novel from the Private series)

Okay, the Private series are the best book series I have ever read so far in my entire life, and now they are making it into a web series! If you have never heard of the Private series, you have no idea on what you're missing out on. To brief it up it's about how a middle-class girl, Reed Brennan, enrolls in the elite Easton Academy boarding school to spice up her life. She encounters the Billings girls, the group everyone wants to be, and joins their clique. Little does she know she's in for the ride of her life. Drama follows everywhere she goes. There's murder, jealousy, lust, pyschopaths, deaths, drugs, sex, booze, etc. Reed has to pay the cost of being a Billings. Again, it's an amazing series and you should check it out if you already haven't. The first episode is the casting call and 3 girls vie it out to become one of the Billings girl, Kiran Hayes, a jet-setting model. I can't seem to put up the video but if you go to or you will be able to view the video.


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