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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This movie was CRAZY!!

I thought it was pretty hilarious, but more in an adult humor sort of way. I was laughing the whole time, except for the parts where I had to shield my eyes because of naked body parts that made quite a few appearances.

I pretty much expected everything that I saw, Borat pretty much prepared me for alot of stuff.

I just have to say "WOW!" about some things. For example: the fact that Bruno hired Mexican workers to pose as furniture, Paula Abdul was pretty umcomfortable about that.

This movie is definitely not a movie you should watch with the family, especially not the old members and the extremely young ones. A lot of things in this movie aren't fit for children because of the adult content. Older people shouldn't watch this because a lot of things in the movie would offend them. Everyone else who doesn't mind a raunchy comedy should definitely watch this flick.


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