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Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Darn Sister

Let me first start off and say: I love her to death but... (yes, there is a but) she's...uhmm...uh... let's just call her indescribable.

She just recently broke her foot while she was in Connecticut.
Her broken foot is going to drive me up a wall!!
My grandmother expects me to wait on her even though she clearly does not need the help.
I can carry her bags because she's on crutches but why should I have to bring her the water out of the fridge just because she wants something less than 15 feet away.
When her foot wasn't broken she never helped me, okay i wouldn't say "never" but it didn't happen very often.

Before I even started writing this she did the darnedest thing.
She forced me to throw away a napkin that had some foul substance in it.
She actually tried to convince me that I was the one who had that napkin.
And I didn't have it so it had to have been her.
She's not as sly as she would like to think she is.


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